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Risk Reduction

Counseling on Access to Lethal Means

About CALM

The Counseling on Access to Lethal Means online course emphasizes that restricting access to lethal means like medication, firearms, and other potentially dangerous items should be part of a comprehensive suicide prevention strategy. That’s because most suicidal people are ambivalent about wanting to die, and many suicide attempts are made impulsively, during a short-term crisis. Less availability to lethal means present better odds that impulsive attempters will survive.

How it works

CALM training participants will increase their knowledge of how access to lethal means impacts suicide and the role that restriction to means plays in preventing suicide. Participants will also increase their skills and confidence on how to ask suicidal patients about their access to lethal means and how to work with clients and their families to assess and reduce the patients’ access to these potentially dangerous items.  

Safety Planning Intervention

About Safety Planning Intervention

A safety plan identifies ways in which an individual can keep safe. It is a collaborative problem solving approach for suicidal individuals that can be developed during a crisis call once it is established that immediate emergency intervention is not required. The plan is meant to be flexible and can change as an individual's level of distress changes.

How it works

This intervention is designed to help individuals with suicidal urges and thoughts to manage these feelings and to help them not act on these thoughts. It is brief and it involves a prioritized list of coping strategies and supports developed collaboratively between an individual and a clinician. Safety plans incorporate elements of several evidence-based suicide risk reduction strategies, including means reduction, brief problem-solving, social and emergency crisis support, and motivational enhancement for treatment.

Who should get training in Risk Reduction?

This course is open to anyone. It is designed especially for providers who counsel people at risk for suicide, primarily mental health and medical providers, but also substance abuse counselors, clergy and social service providers. 

Learn more at Active Engagement for Safer Suicide Care

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